Blog Highlight: Kinder Bender

You are a Black sun. And while this means that so many of us will love you unconditionally, there is a throng behind us that will join hands with supremacy and systematically work to dim your light.

Aeriale N. Johnson, Kinder Bender

If you are ever having one of those days when you walk back into your empty classroom after all the children have been sent home, and there is a heaviness in the air from the reality of the work that sends you reflectivly onto your chair. The days when you wished the world loved your students as much as you do. That their beauty and uniqueness could be embraced and supported and protected with as much effort as it deserves. If you are ever having one of those days, please head over to Aeriale Johnson’s blog Kinder Bender.

Johnson’s writing is full of love and awe for her students. She captures the full range of emotions that come with the title of not only being a teacher but being a Black teacher and offers what teaching looks like when you see the whole child.

Follow Aeriale on Twitter at @arcticisleteach

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