Hey, Black Teacher!

Welcome to Hey, Black Teacher, a space for inspiration, support, and resources for Black educators.

Many of us have heard the studies. The ones that tally how few of us are in the classroom, but also how large of an impact we can make. Being present as a Black teacher in the classroom often comes with an unspoken responsibility. Whether you’ve been teaching for 10 years, or 10 days, there is pressure to be able to connect and deliver to your students. Somedays that pressure can be just the motivation a teacher needs to come through and accomplish great things in the classroom. Other days, it can feel like it’s all on you to singlehandedly solve systemic racism in education by June.

Being a teacher is hard work. Work that requires support, mentoring, professional development, and personal development. In a system that was not designed for Black students, this also means a lot of un-learning and examining biases within the preparation and programming that informed our career. This is a lot. You do not have to go through this journey alone. There are many amazing educators out here doing the work to reflect, develop curriculum and build meaningful culture. Hey, Black Teacher is a place for you to find these resources. From textbooks, to picture books, Podcast, blogs, and social media, this site is here to connect you and support you.

I’m looking forward to building a village with you in which we may all grow, nurture our children, and nurture ourselves.


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